Where Can I Find My Credit Report?

Where Can I Find My Credit Report?

In order to improve your credit score, you must understand how the process works. This is a topic we’ve discussed at great length in earlier posts (see How Does a Credit Score Work? and How Often Should You Check Your Credit Score?). Through research, you can catch and refute any discrepancies that may appear on your report — charge errors, fraudulent activity, payment details. In order to do so, however, you must first know where to look. And this brings us to the main question: “Where can I find my credit report?”

Credit agencies, sometimes referred to as credit bureaus, are government regulated third-parties that gather and share credit data. Specifically in Canada, Equifax and TransUnion are considered the major credit agencies, although many minor services run independently across the country. Equifax’s “credit file disclosures” and TransUnion’s “consumer disclosures” are available to all customers for free annually. Unfortunately, these documents do not include your credit score. Credit score requests are processed separately for a fee. Depending on which method you choose to submit a request — phone, email, fax, mail — different fees may apply.

In most circumstances, you control who sees your credit report. Those who may ask for your consent include lenders, collectors, landowners, insurers, lawyers, and some government representatives. If such individuals ask for a copy of your report and later decline your application for a loan or credit, this may be a sign for you to investigate the problem.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of not enough established credit. Other times, it’s something as small as a pesky payment complication. But until you’ve researched the problem, you will never know what’s affecting your score. At Trillium Auto Group, regardless of your credit situation, we guarantee your auto financing approval. As a result, within 12 months, you can order a copy of your report and see an improvement! Our monthly plans help customers rebuild their credit without paying thousands in interest and other related fees.


Trillium is associated with a debt management company that we work with to help structure these types of arrangements, call us we can help!