Trillium Auto Group Specializes in First Time Auto Loans

Trillium Auto Group Specializes in First Time Auto Loans

In today’s economy, getting approved for your first auto loan may seem to be a nearly impossible feat. Your need for a vehicle may be affecting your employment status, or your ability to attend your University or College. Going to various auto dealers trying to obtain financing can be discouraging. Stop hearing “no” or “we’ll call you back” – it is time for you to drive. Trillium Auto Group specializes in first time auto loans and is ready to offer you a solution to drive and build your credit at the same time.

The Problem
You need a reliable vehicle and no one will seem to work with your thin credit file. You have always suspected that there were first time auto loans for people in your situation, but you are starting to doubt the existence of this type of program. As a working adult, you feel that you shouldn’t have to have your parents or someone else cosign on your auto loan. However, you have found that the only automotive dealer who is willing to finance a vehicle for you are the buy-here pay-here dealers. These types of dealers extend the credit themselves to buyers, typically people with poor credit histories.

While buy-here pay-here car lots may offer a method to drive a vehicle, those types of lots offer sub par vehicles. Buy-here pay-here lots feature vehicles that will rarely come with any type of warranty, wearing a virtual “purchase at your own risk” tag. If you are looking to build your credit, most of the buy-here pay-here lots do not report to the major credit reporting agencies. Instead, your on-time monthly payments will never help you be able to buy a better car. In the end, it may seem that there is no way for you to drive a quality vehicle without a cosigner and build your credit simultaneously.

The Solution
The professionals at Trillium Auto Group have heard your cries and we are proud to offer an unparalleled solution. As the premier provider of first time auto loans in the GTA, Trillium Auto Group has you covered. We have an easy approval process that only requires you to have been employed for at least 2 months. Once you are approved, as long as you follow the criteria of the payment program, your interest rate will be lowered after 12 months.

In addition to industry-leading first time auto loans, the majority of the vehicles at Trillium Auto Group are still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, which means worry-free driving. Start your search now by browsing Trillium Auto Group’s entire online inventory of high-quality vehicles. When you find a vehicle you like, fill out our easy-to-use online car loan application for a guaranteed approval notice. Once you receive approval and pick out the vehicle you like, you can drive home the same day.

Benefits of Trillium Auto Group at a Glance
• Easy approval process that hinges on your employment of a minimum of 2 months.
• After 12 months of adherence to the payment program, your interest rate is guaranteed to drop.
• You can rest easy because Trillium Auto Group only sells vehicles that have remaining factory warranties on them.
• Once you get approval for your financing, the sales specialist then helps you find a vehicle that fits the bank’s guidelines.
• Fill out the easy-to-use Trillium Auto Group online car loan application for a guaranteed approval notice.
• No matter your credit challenge, the professionals at Trillium Auto Group can help!