Find the Right Vehicle in Toronto

Finding the Right Vehicle in Toronto

Find the Right Vehicle in Toronto

Thinking about credit scores and monthly finances can render the car shopping process dull. While there’s an undeniable importance for these things, your time on the car market should still leave room for excitement! Recently, we covered a similar topic pertaining to used car inspections, so now let’s look at the situation broadly, helping you to choose a vehicle right for you.

The Basics

When it comes to purchasing or financing a vehicle, think about the various amenities. These can be as basic as power locks and windows or as advanced as sunroofs and stereos. Considering such furnishings helps to maintain excitement, especially once the financial woes kick in. However, you do need to think about some of the following more seriously:

  • Size — Size can be deceiving. Some small vehicles are surprisingly spacious, so take a peek in a few that you like. As well, large vehicles do not always promise better safety. In fact, small cars are often agile and lightweight, increasing the level of collision protection.
  • Seating —Like size, you need to factor in passengers and cargo. For example, if you carpool often or drive around your children, a two-door may not work so well. Also, if work requires you to tote around supplies a lot, you’re going to need ample trunk or cabin space.
  •  Millage — A vehicle’s gas consumption needs attention, especially when calculating monthlies. Take into consideration city driving versus highway driving, as some fuels differ in performance.
  • Driving Experience — Things like acceleration, handling, steering, and drivetrains affect how a car drives. Test drive the vehicle to determine your preferences.

Types of Vehicles

In regards to much of the above, body style makes all the difference. While some vehicles may look cooler or more professional, shoppers need to balance functionality and appearance — the car must not only suit your lifestyle, but also your driving habits and tastes. Typically, bodies fall into one of the following categories: coupe, convertible, sedan, hatchback, station wagon, SUV, or van.

It’s important to test drive vehicles to assess their compatibility with your needs and wants. Thankfully, this should be the best part of the car shopping experience! At Trillium Auto Group, we do our best to make everything else easy and enjoyable. Browse a few of our vehicles or swing by our office to see how — we will help connect you with the right vehicle for you in Toronto.