How Can I Remove Negative Credit Entries?

How Can I Remove Negative Credit Entries?


When it comes to building healthy credit, there are infinite hurdles to jump over. Late payments and collections are only two of many negative items that may appear on a person’s credit report. Repairing injured credit takes a while, so try and remove as many credit blemishes as you can yourself — especially inaccurate ones — before suffering the consequences for years to come.

What Kinds of Negative Credit Can I Challenge?

Firstly, in order to challenge negative credit, you must know where to look. For error-checking reports, read our last post, “Credit Report Mistakes to Catch.” For everything else, know that disputes are never guaranteed. As well, paying off an outstanding debt or closing an account does not eliminate items from your history. In fact, this only changes the status of the account.


The only item you can remove with timely payments is a tax lien. For collection accounts, payments actually end the settlement, meaning no further negotiations or disputes can be made. This is why you should always speak to the creditor and arrange an alternate plan prior to paying the collection. Depending on your previous relationship, they may bend in your favour. Besides liens, collections, and late payments, however, only time can mend other negative credit report entries.

Automatic Removals

In time, even the worse credit items disappear:

  • Closed accounts remain on a credit report for 10 years (positive entries last longer);
  • Late payments appear for 7 years. If charged to a collection agency, the date of this transaction marks the original delinquency date. Collections also stay with you for 7 years;
  • Bankruptcies may last 7 to 10 years depending on the severity of the situation (how much debt has been repaid);
  • Civil judgements linger for seven years and unsatisfied tax liens for 10. Paid tax liens last 7 years unless challenged.

How Can I Repair My Injured Credit?

This is where we come in: At Trillium Auto Group, our professionals work not just as salespeople, but credit experts as well. Although auto loans are a great way to boost credit, we appreciate the hardships some people experience on the market. Through guaranteed auto loan financing and a tested annual payment plan, we guarantee your negative entries will grow less and less significant each month as you drive towards healthier credit. Ask us how to get started today!